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Waterproofing Services


Waterproofing is important because it protects the building structure and interior elements. It requires tremendous attention to detail because water can enter cracks, joints or inferior/aged coatings. Our ability to pay close attention to detail makes us the Minnesota areas waterproofing contractor of choice.


We have superior leak detection techniques so we can identify and locate the problem in a timely fashion. We have superior leak inspection and leak detection capabilities which ensures we correctly locate the problem. This allows us to develop a comprehensive plan to correct the issue in an effective manner using superior waterproofing procedures and products. We are able to design protection techniques and utilize the superior waterproof coating materials to ensure maximum waterproofing longevity thereby saving our clients time and expense in the future.

Concrete Main Entry Steps Restoration & Waterproofing - Before

Concrete Main Entry Steps Restoration & Waterproofing - Before

Powerclean Company, Inc. provides waterproofing services to residential, commercial, retail, industrial, institutional structures all around Minnesota and the Midwest. We offer a range of waterproofing services including leak detection, leak inspection, consultation, foundation waterproofing, waterproof systems for underground parking garages, stadiums, positive and negative side waterproofing, installation of above and below grade waterproofing, and waterproof systems installation and applications. In addition to the waterproofing services listed above, we provide below grade damp proofing, as well as above and below grade vapor barriers for all types of structures. Our team can also consult and apply a large range of specialty coatings designed for waterproofing.


We specialize in these areas:


Waterproofing Services
Leak Inspection
Leak Detection
Waterproof Consultation
Moisture Vapor Reduction

Foundation Waterproofing
Above and Below Grade Waterproofing
Waterproof Coatings
Vapor Barriers