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Surface Prep & Coatings Removal

Concrete surfaces need to be prepared properly prior to various floor-coating installations in Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional applications. Surface preparation is the process by which sound, clean and suitably roughened surfaces are produced on concrete substrates.


The most important characteristic for resurfacing materials or floor coatings is the texture of the concrete combined with the removal of unsound concrete and bond inhibitors like wax, adhesives, sealers, paint, contaminants, and laitance.

Concrete Grinding

During Hydro Blasting

Powerclean employs a variety of methodologies to achieve the desired ICRI Concrete Surface Profiles (CSP) for specific applications. The actual method used can include a mechanical based system (grinding, scarifying, sanding), chemical based treatment system, high pressure steam blasting, hydro sand blasting, and ultra high water blasting. The actual process used on any specific job depends on the following factors:


Substrate condition: The strength of the substrate and the presence of unsound or bond-inhibiting materials help define the nature and volume of preparation needed.


Owner requirements: Noise, vibration, dust, and water are effects generated by various preparation methods.  The owner’s need for uninterrupted use of the structure, concerns about operating environment or property damage potential will limit the available choices.


Material requirements: Surface preparation requirement will vary with the protective coating system selected.  The properties and application requirements of the selected system should be determined before or during this phase. 


Application conditions: Generation of dust, slurries, or water may require containment and safe disposal. Mechanical ventilation, available power sources, the size of door openings, and minimum clearance will affect surface preparation decisions.

Stripe Removal - During

Stripe Removal - After

Suitable systems and processes will allow the removal of virtually all coatings from concrete surfaces as well as removal of laitance, efflorescence, scale, dirt or other water soluble contaminants. We have equipment and operators with the experience to handle horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. Powerclean also offers dust containment for dry processes and full vacuum recovery for liquid processes on horizontal surfaces.