Surfaces for Life!


Homeowners today demand a blend of important components in regard to their floor systems for their homes. They want low maintenance, solid value, high performance, and beautiful results. Powerclean delivers all this and more. We can help by install, repairing, and restoring all of your hard surfaces.

Wood Floor: Orono

Decorative Epoxy Floor – Checkerboard

Concrete Restoration & Dye

Concrete Stone Clean & Seal

Residential Installation Services Include:

Epoxy Coatings
Polished Concrete
Acid Staining
Color Dyeing
Decorative Saw Cutting
Waterproofing Systems

Residential Hard Floor Restoration Services Include:

Hardwood Floors Refinishing
Hard Surface Maintenance
Concrete Color Restoration
Coatings Removal
Pressure Washing
Steam Cleaning
Acrylic Sealers
Tile and Grout Restoration
Vinyl Floor Restoration

The options we have available for transforming your residential concrete is vast. Utilizing acid staining topped with sealers or high performance epoxy and urethane coatings is just one example. We can also overlay existing concrete with new polymer modified cementitious concrete to provide a totally new surface and we can provide decorative treatments such as stamping or stenciling at the same time.

Instead of replacing your deteriorated concrete garage floor, let us repair it and install a high performance epoxy system that will outperform any ordinary concrete floor at a fraction of the cost. These are highly durable systems that are resistant to oil, grease, acid, fluids, and tire marks.

We can perform some amazing transformations with ordinary aged concrete by restoring the fresh appearance, removing deeply embedded stains, and enhancing the color of the slab by utilizing penetrating dyes. The change we can produce is absolutely stunning and affordable as well and the treatment is long lasting.

Concrete polishing for your basement or slab on grade floor can be a real enhancement and improvement to your property. The flooring system is not only highly attractive, light reflective, but in many cases much more affordable and durable than other options such as hardwood or tile and grout.

Waterproofing is another need that many homeowners have in regards to stopping water migration. We have a system to address your needs. We find these needs primarily in basement wall and floor systems, laundry room flooring and coving systems, or for double-decker garages in order to stop water seepage into the lower space.