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Joint sealants are an important part of any building since their function is so vital. They are typically incorporated in the actual building design and installed during construction. The primary function at the time of construction is to inhibit air, water, and environmental leakage from from entering a building section. An elastic sealant can also allow some movement in the substrates while maintaining its integrity. Joint sealants that are worn out or deteriorated can have adverse impacts on safety issues, many structural components and interior elements as well.


When it comes to replacement of joint sealants, you can trust Powerclean Company, Inc. to provide the proper materials and superior installation procedures. If you have a problem with your floor and it's due to major/minor joint spalling, surface deterioration (pop-outs, surface spalling, gouges), random cracks, or low joint filler profile or uneven joints, we can fix it.

Joint Sealants

Joint Sealants

Powerclean Company, Inc. has thorough knowledge regarding proper selection of joint sealants in addition to proper application techniques. We understand the importance of the sealants and the role they play in many aspects of your business. We will advise on the proper sealant for your project and install the best materials and the most affordable price.


Powerclean Company, Inc. offers joint sealant service for many applications from warehouse floors to bridge joints and sidewalks and everything in between. We can assist you with your sealant installation or replacement needs.