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Whether you choose a concrete floor that is ground and polished or one that is coated with a resinous floor coating, the results are fantastic. The floor will be transformed, light reflectivity will be increased, and the flooring system will be highly durable, with simple maintenance and long lasting cost efficacy.

Concrete Polishing

Stain & Polish: Saffron Restaurant

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing: Mall of America

Epoxy Checkerboard: Fast Hams Maple Grove

Polished concrete floors are beautiful, durably hard and in the proper environment can withstand years of usage and wear and tear with only minimal maintenance. They well suited for areas with even high volume pedestrian traffic such as schools, churches, auditoriums, retail stores, and other commercial facilities. There are also additional decorative options we can utilize in concrete polishing. For example, we can color dye existing concrete, install custom logos or medallions, provide borders, perform decorative slab cutting to create shapes, etc. all or some of these can be used to enhance the overall polished concrete flooring system.

Epoxy and resinous floors are also very attractive, have long lasting durability and the proper system can withstand extremely harsh environments while making routine and daily floor cleaning simplistic, ensuring a sanitary environment. These systems are particularly well suited for environments that consist of heavy vehicle traffic (parking ramps, fire stations, etc), situations that experience high amounts of oil and grease contamination (mechanics garages, machine shops, etc.), settings where there is exposure to acids and other chemicals (manufacturing, airplane hangers, etc), where cooling followed by high temperature cleaning results in thermal shock (meat processing, produce warehousing, etc.), or where an extremely sanitary environment is required (food/beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals).

The decorative and performance options with epoxy resinous floors are numerous and almost unlimited. We can work with you to achieve the look you want and the performance characteristics that you require.

No matter what type of hard flooring system is best for you, we can help you make the right decision. Our years of on hand, boots on the ground, out in the field experience gives us the knowledge to know what will work the best for your particular situation. We'd be happy to share our expertise and assist you with your hard surface flooring project.